Carry On, Carry On…

At the time of World War II, the United Kingdom drew up different posters with phrases on them from King George VI that went on their transit system, in storefront windows, and served as banners of encouragement to the people in that time of war.  The first poster released said, “Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your resolution will bring us victory.”  The second one released said,   “Freedom is in Peril.”  The third said, “Keep Calm and Carry On” and had a simple picture of King George the VI crown on it.

Keep Calm

 King George VI said “Keep Calm and Carry On” should be the banner that was posted if there was a possible invasion by Germany.  He just wanted his people to hear a word from him on the front end of things to keep calm and carry on about their business if distress did indeed come their way.  The poster never actually had to be released to the public in that day.  However, it is extremely popular now.  You don’t have to go all the way to London to see it everywhere (even though, it is there as well).  All you have to do is hop on pinterest, instagram, or facebook to see the phrase everywhere with different versions. “Keep calm and call your mom,” “Keep calm and drink coffee,”  “Keep calm and buy the shoes,”  “Keep calm and pray.”  The list could go on and on…

There are few times that I truly feel like ministry gets in the way of ministry for me, but I felt that way with a particular situation recently.  I posted about one of my best friend’s, Jana, a couple months ago here, and I shared her video testimony on there.  While I was at SOS, she had her surgery on her back.  The whole day, I was wishing I was in Nashville with her and her family.  I felt that day that I should of been ministering to her family.  However, I do know that the ministry of prayer is important as well…and I did lots of that.  She made it through surgery ok.  However, this past Monday she had some spinal fluid start leaking… yeah,…not good at all.  I was a mess.  When the doctors finally went back in to seal any leaks and put a drain in, low and behold, the leak had miraculously sealed up on it’s own.  The doctor came out scratching his head saying, “I don’t know how this happened… there was definitely a leak…but it is gone.”  All my friend Jana said to the Doctor was, “I know how it happened.”  She has been giving all the glory to God, Jehovah Jireh, in this situation from the get-go.

This past Thursday and part of Friday, I was able to go to Nashville and see Jana.  I got to see her just as she was arriving home from her over a week stay at the hospital.  Laying flat on her back, her humor was still intact…part of that I am sure was due to the strong medications…the humor was all her personality though.  Telling me stories from everything from the crazy shenanigans that is Vanderbilt Hospital to cute med students sent in to give iv’s to the sheer greatness and hilarity of the way God was working in the midst of a horrible situation.  Sometimes all there is to do is laugh at situations. It was so good to be there with her.  I gave “daddy Rob” (Jana’s dad) a hug before I left, and he said, “It’s all going to be ok.  You know why? Because of Him.”  After just coming back from “the motherland” that silly phrase just kept coming to mind.  Even though it looks like or feels like there has been an invasion on Jana’s body… Flipping out doesn’t really help anything. Over analyzing doesn’t help things.  Worrying doesn’t help things.  Sometimes even listening to the Doctors speculations doesn’t help things.  Keeping calm and carrying on does help things…and also a little bit of laughter and trusting the Lord can go a long way.


Carry on, carry on!


2 thoughts on “Carry On, Carry On…

  1. Amy Cleary says:

    Thanks Caroline! That’s going to be my motto for the rest of the summer as we prepare to send Brett to Auburn in August. I needed some encouragement! Keep calm and carry on – LOVE IT!

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