They get it

This summer in our downtime between trips, we have gone to Eastlake, an inner city church in Bham, a couple times to help with their children’s day program.  Honestly, it is one of my favorite things of the summer.  We load up some of our students, and we go play games, eat lunch, sing, and do arts and crafts with the kids there!  It is fun to see our students leading, having fun, and being the hands and feet of Christ in our own city.



While we were there last week, I was sitting at a lunch table with a group of 7 year old kiddos.  As we were sitting there, I was making small talk with the kids asking them about their favorite color, what they did that morning, and then the question of what they want to be when they grow up, which got all sorts of loud responses…a ballerina, NFL player, NBA player, fireman, rich, Barbie… you know, the usual.  Except for the little girl sitting next to me responded saying, “I want to be blessed when I grow up.”  I had ooohed and aaahhhed at all the other answers, and when she said that my mouth just kind of dropped open, and I didn’t know exactly how to respond to that.  I did tell her she is already blessed, she doesn’t have to wait for that to happen.  Then that same little girl looked at me and said, “You know, we are sisters.”  To which all the little boys started laughing at her, because they knew that we are not actual sisters. At their laughter, the little girl turned to the boys and said, “Y’all are my brothers too.”  The little boys continued to laugh at her.  I could tell by her face she was getting frustrated.  So I asked what she meant,  and she said, “We are brothers and sisters by the cross.”  Then came another awkward silence from the boys side of the table.  I of course agreed and said that yes she was right we are.  She obviously had been listening, and taken those words to heart.

I was a story teller this past week for VBS at Trinity.  I got to dress up as Queen Esther and share her story.  The theme was “Friends and family help us stand strong for God.”  As I watched those little children declare that they can “stand strong,” it made me think of that little girl’s comments.

Kids get it.  Sometimes I think that as we get older, we just forget such simple truths. Things like that everyone we encounter is our  brother by the cross and sister by the cross go by the way side,… as we compete for positions on teams, make fun of others, and even don’t take the time to check on one another.  Other things like remembering that it doesn’t really matter how much money you make, what you achieve at work (even though that can be God glorifying also), and no amount of perfect scores on tests will take away or trump being children of the most high King that blesses us.  He is all we really need.  That is all that really matters at the end of the day.  As we grow, we also become less trusting of our friends and family out of fear of looking weak, when those are the exact people that help us stand strong.

It makes total sense why Christ said that we must become like little children (Matthew 18:3).  Their faith is so black and white.  It’s almost as if they think, well of course God has good for us, HE is good.  Of course, we should be kind to each other, because they are our brothers and sisters made by God.  Of course, we can trust our friends and family; they help us stand strong!

I guess the old saying is true…everything you ever needed to know you learned in kindergarden.


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