Time Out

Sunday was my last official day on staff at Trinity.  It was a bittersweet week last week, specifically last Thursday and Sunday.   Thursday, I packed up all my books in Sonia (my Camry).  One cart load at a time, down to my car I kept thinking, where I go, these books go…and the older I get the more I realize just how annoying but necessary they are to lug with me.  Also on Thursday, the youth staff plus a few others took me to lunch, and then we had element cafe.  Element Cafe was filled with last little conversations with students, and again it was bittersweet.

Sunday night, I spoke for the last time to the youth, and they made a sweet video for me, as well as gave me one of the famous Tim Lunceford crosses that he welded.  It is beautiful.  I took my time Sunday afternoon walking the youth area and praying over those who would come in and out of those doors.  I wish nothing but the best for Element, the staff, volunteers, and students.  It was a unique season in ministry for me, and a blessing to me to be able to serve at Trinity…which is an amazing church.

I have a little bit of lag time now.  I start my new position at Destin UMC in Destin, FL as Director of Youth and Young Adults on September 15th, which is this coming Sunday!  I thought it was important for me to take a little “time out” before starting my new gig.  Even if it is for the sheer need to do laundry from traveling so much.

too much laundry

too much laundry

I was Paula Deen, & Dain is a pirate...I can't believe I am posting this. (2009)

I was Paula Deen, & Dain is a pirate…I can’t believe I am posting this. (2009)

Everyone needs a little transition time.  It takes a few days tomentally shift from one position and place to another, let alone physically shift.  Yesterday, on my first “time out” day I made a day trip to Huntsville, AL to visit with some friends.  I had the priveldge of sitting down with my old partner in crime from Cove, Darin, for a few hours.  It was good to soak up wisdom from someone seasoned in ministry, as well as to have someone speak life, blessing, and truth upon the ministry I have already done (Thanks Darin).  I also got to visit with my sweet friend in ministry, Kristen.  It is always a rich time with her to be able to share triumphs, joys, and concerns about ministry as well as personal things.  As for the rest of my “time out,”  there is lots of laundry to do, clothes to pack, cable boxes to be returned, and last minute visits over dinner.

I do think the 2 things I most look forward to for this week is getting sleep and some time to spend in prayer and preparation for the next step.  I am so excited about this next step in my journey of faith and ministry.  I can not wait to see how God is going to work.  He never ceases to amaze me.  Please be praying for me on this “time out” as I am preparing for a new season in ministry!


2 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Amy Cleary says:

    Caroline! I’m so excited for you and the congregation you will be serving!!! Congratulations and much love and prayers to YOU!!!

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