Currents, Tides, & Son

Week one is done and done, and it has been a busy one at that.

Getting settled into a new city, housing, office, times of services, lots of names to remember, details to take note of, and new copiers to have battles with,…there is lots and lots of adjusting that comes with moving.

However, the people here have been extremely gracious and generous with a welcome reception tomorrow, lots of coffee and lunch dates, taking me to a “Beetles”concert (and even providing me with a chair), going with me to the football game, and people explaining the local lingo to me.  I have been thoroughly welcomed and made to feel at home.

I have been trying to soak in as much as I can.  Every church (and  youth group) has their own little personality.  I want to get to know them.  At the same time, I have been working on the plans for the future.  This Sunday Night, we are starting a series with the youth about our new vision “Reach up to God, Reach out to others, and Reach in to each other.”  I even made a new logo to go along with the new vision for DUMC youth. See… 🙂

new logo!

new logo!

Yesterday, after work, I decided to steal away to the beach for a little while before the high school football game.  Here is a picture of what I was looking at while I sat on the beach.



It is beautiful here right now (not that it normally isn’t).  I was observing and taking in the people and surroundings as I listened to the waves crash in on the shore.  I couldn’t help but reflect that this is indeed my new mission field.  I just want to live in the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the Son.


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