Some Nuggets

I’m 5 weeks in to working in sunny Destin, & I have already been through 1 whole can of hair spray (gotta keep my big hair in place I guess), had both my mom & my step mom come visit, my boss taught me to paddle board in the bay, I saw a starfish, I’ve been to about 3 concerts, & that’s not to mention the ministry that I’ve gotten to be a part of here!

Lots has happened, & God has been revealing Himself to me in new ways each & every single day. I have been writing a lot even though I haven’t been posting on here much. Sometimes you just want to treasure those nuggets of what The Lord is teaching you before you share it, ya know?

So here they are… Some nuggets (as Mama T would say).

As I have been working through a personal study of Nehemiah, it has been intriguing to see how some parts of the Bible echo each other. The stories do. The people face different battles, but really they are all one in the same. In private God had given Nehemiah a mission (Nehemiah 2:12). I find it intriguing that later on in chapter 6, just as people torment him and try to distract him from his purpose, you can almost hear his mental sigh as he recognizes the enemy at work. Right then, he sends a message which I just love“I am doing a great work, and I can not come down from it.” You can almost hear the tink tink tink tink chip chip chip as he is working on that wall and instead of him chanting “I think I can, I think I can” he is chanting “I am doing a great work and I can not come down from it, I am doing a great work and I can not come down from it.” There is a bigger battle going on for Nehemiah; it’s a God sized battle, and really not his to fight. Just all he knew was that he prayed, listened, and then he needed to be obedient.

Then you skip over to the story of Jesus with the disciples…He is teaching. There are people, and they are hungry…that sounds pretty typical, right? He has nothing to feed them. But behold, He is Jesus. He will create something, right? I mean He is the creator, why not create a blessing? Duh. So his topsy tervy faithful friends called his disciples are there with him trying to gather food among the people. Just as I heard Beth Moore describe this story, she mentioned that it was almost as if Jesus was saying, “Think bigger boys!” When she said that, I thought you can almost visualize Jesus leaning forward like a football coach hitting his legs pleading, “Come on! Think bigger boys!” He then precedes to have them physically pass out the food, feeling the weight of those baskets of fish and loaves, to see first hand the miracle that their master was doing before their very eyes. It was a Jesus sized problem, and really not theirs to fight. They just needed to pray over the food, listen to what Jesus said, and then be obedient.

I sat down with a good friend of mine Karen Thompson, the mom of my old boss and wife of my new boss, to discuss prayer a couple of weeks ago. We are in the middle of a series at dumc youth called “Game On.” We are studying the book of Daniel and talking about the different things that kept Daniel grounded in his faith…like God’s word, prayer, etc. I asked Miss Karen to come share some of her testimony and stories of how God has worked in her life through intercessory prayer during one of our lessons a few weeks ago. As she was describing to me the key principals of intercessory prayer over lunch & then she reiterated at youth… the same three words kept coming up… pray, listen, obey. I told her then, how I had started this blog and those were the key principals I was seeing in my current personal study. It looks like those are obviously Biblical principals as you can see them echoed time and time again.

Ultimately, these stories from the past and present remind us that our God is a capital “B” Big God, and we need to have Big faith. How dare us not think bigger of Him. After hearing a song “Whom Shall I Fear?” and relooking at the story he talks about in the video below, you almost can picture the angel armies around people like Nehemiah as he works on the old wall and around the disciples as they pass out food to all the thousands of people. How things appear is not as they are. We don’t have to think one dimensional. He is a big, big God asking us to have big, big faith…no matter what the circumstance or battle is you are facing. He does not change in His greatness. We just have to pray, listen, and obey… There’s some nuggets The Lord has given me to chew on right now.

Pray, listen, obey, pray, listen, obey.


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