Captain In Charge

The last week has been cra, cra. 5th Quarter, Halloween Hoedown, the norm retinue, and a retreat next weekend. Whew!

In the midst of all this, I somehow had some down time in the past week to go to a movie.  I went and saw Captain Phillips.  If you haven’t seen it, let me tell you…it is in-tense.  I knew the outcome of the movie since it is a true story, however, half way through the movie I found myself googling the story just to double check that I had the right one in mind.

There were several things that spoke to my spirit as I was watching the movie.  I don’t know if it was designed to do so or not, but it did.

Captain Phillips knew in his knower that he needed to tighten up on security.  He even felt led to do drills.  I thought that was significant because often times when the enemy presses in, we know in our knower that he is coming.  Sometimes we prepare like Captain Phillips tried to and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes when we do prepare, it’s like the crew in the movie, we go through the motions because it is what we are supposed to do, but we don’t do it with zeal.  Then when the actual enemy does attack we spaz because it is the real deal.  We have to prepare like it is a the real thing… all the time.

Something else that stood out to me was that when Captain Phillips was in the get away boat with his captors  I find it kind of humorous that the Somoli dude thinks he can captain the boat.  They have a real life capatin of a gigantic ship sitting right beside them.  Instead of asking for help in the horrible currents, he has to do it his way,…which resulted in people getting sea sick, angry, and fatigued.

I was thinking about how oftentimes, when things get busy and hectic, we forget that even in the midst of that,…we aren’t the captain.  We like to take the drivers seat and keep pressing on until we feel sick, angry, and fatigued.  Instead, we have to continually surrendor to Him that HE is the captain in charge, and HE can guide and safely direct us right into the current we need to be in to reach landfall,…safely, restored, and even with energy.

Furthermore, at the end of the movie, Captain Phillips was in the midst of being died up to basically be beaten and killed inside the awful little boat with the captives.  This is about the time I started googling the ending. Anyway, the captain actually starts to write out a goodbye letter to his family.  He sincerely thinks it’s game over for him.  However, he knew that the national guard and marines are literally outside his boat and even attached by a rope.  He still thinks he is done.  Right about the time he is literally fighting for his life…it’s literally game over for those captors.  The captain is just in complete shock.  They get him to safety and to a doctor immediately.  The doctor says, “Sir, are you ok?”  In his shocked state, he just starts sobbing.  He can hardly breathe.  The doctor just starts repeating “deep breathes, we are going to get you cleaned up.”  

How much like God is that?? Like really. So many times we get to the point that we think we can’t hold on any more…it is the 11th hour, and then…the rescue.   We are in shock and God is speaking,…“breathe, let’s get you all cleaned up.”

It all comes down to trust and surrender.  Surrender really is a wonderful thing…and boy, am I glad I don’t have to be the Captain…



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