We are just a few days away from Encounter 2013!  I am so excited for this fall retreat!

Encounter 2013

Encounter 2013

Several months ago… like in January actually, the Lord gave me this theme: Shine.  At the time, I was brainstorming for a Discovery Weekend for Trinity.  Even though I had ideas for this theme…it was like the Holy Spirit just put up a halting hand and said “wait.”  That has happened before, and I have a folder that I usually just jot down the thoughts, visions, or words, and stock it away for later when I feel the Lord says it is the right time.  Well, at that particular time I was irritated because the ideas had excited me.  However, I was obedient and set the theme aside and went with something else.

I knew when I was interviewing that I would implement a fall retreat that included middle school and high school students…and that I wanted it to just be DUMC Youth there…not other churches…just a time set aside in the fall (before it gets really cra cra with the holidays) for the youth to get away, retreat from school, home situations, disconnect, and encounter the Lord and fellowship with each other.  As I started praying about the theme and getting to know the situations our students encounter, Shine came up again.  The more I prayed about it, the more it seemed like that theme was obviously meant for “such a time as this.”  So, I went back to my little trusty folder and pulled out what I already had and got to work!

I am so please to say that we will be talking about being lights in darkness from Matthew 5:14-16.

We will be headed to Panama City Beach and staying at Laguna Christian Beach Retreat.  A few things to look forward to… water front location, heated pool, bball court overlooking the water, volleyball, ping pong, catered food (known for their fried chicken), beach worship, crazy games, dancing, small groups, team building activities, and maybe even some surprises. 😉  I am looking forward to getting to know these students and leaders.  I am also looking forward to the worship.  Keaton Tucker, one of our worship leaders at DUMC, has organized a band and agreed to play for the weekend, and I will be speaking at the sessions this year since we are all still getting to know each other!

All that to say, I can not wait.  We meet up at the church on Friday at 5:30pm and will return right after church lets out on Sunday at 1pm.

Today is the last day to register,… so you still have a couple more hours if you would like to… click here http://www.destinumc.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=130329 and you can register!

My current prayer for the weekend is that the Lord would set such a fire in the students hearts that they would never get over it.  That they would be impressed by Jesus, and that the flame would be fanned.

Please keep us in your prayers this weekend! 🙂



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