I concur

I ran across 2 different blogs talking about the traits you should be praying and looking for in a future spouse.

Having several weddings to go to this year, a bachelorette weekend this week for a friend, and then talking with other friends that are currently wading in the treacherous waters of pursuing or waiting to pursue relationships… I found both of these blogs to of said it well…and I must say that “I concur.”

I am a list person in general.  However, I threw out my future husband list several years ago because I felt like I was putting God in a box on that subject.  Knowing God, sometimes He shows up in unexpected ways and forms. The reason I feel comfortable posting these blogs is because… they are Biblically based, and not fleshly desires but Godly desires.  It is definitely something to consider.  I want to share the resources for those still in the same boat as me or wanting to raise students in how to view relationships!

The Husband List: 12 Non-negotiables http://sheismore.com/the-husband-list-12-non-negotiables/

The Wife List: 10 Qualities http://goodguyswag.com/the-wife-list-10-qualities/


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