A New Thing

The last week has been full of new things.

Getting settled into a new home is full of “where do I want this?  what is functional in this space? Wait, do I even like that picture or lamp?”  These are normal things when you are getting settled into a place.

I have also been having the same questions and doing the same thing this week at work.  Over the holiday, the youth area, The Dock, got a little face lift.  New paint in the worship space, computer room, my office, and the cafe.  I built a new stage set.  We got a new foosball table, checker board station, play station 3 games, as well as new pictures of the students blown up, artwork, and banners.  There are only a few things out of place that I need to take care of before tomorrow morning.

Not to mention, we are starting a new thing in the youth this 1507552_466406043463725_1703352676_nweek…We are starting a new youth worship service for students in 6th to 12th grades at 11am.  There will be a snack breakfast (featuring donuts from The Donut Hole each week, yummy), worship by our youth praise band, our normal prayer box time, and a talk given by myself or a guest speaker.  I am stoked.  We will still have youth on Sunday nights with crazy REACH nights, and dinner, games, and small groups, but why not provide a time and space for students to worship God on Sunday mornings?  The new service is called Vibe Worship.  Vibe means to send emotion or ambiance to people and not by using words (but through Christ in you).  Our aim is to not only provide an opportunity for students to worship on Sunday mornings, but also to help equip students to impact others just by the sheer fact that they have Christ in them!  If you are a student in the Destin, Niceville, or Fort Walton area, we would love to have you!

As I have been processing all this change, the same verse has been popping up to me over and over again this week. It is from Isaiah 43:19.  This section of scripture the Lord is speaking as the “redeemer.”  In the New Living Translation the verse is worded, “For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun!  Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.  I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”  Whew, what a word that our Lord and redeemer could give us?? What hope that gives!  Isn’t it true?


Just when you think the path has grown over with wilderness and the unknown, He reassures you… that He has already begun working on it ahead of you.  As you draw closer to that path you do realize that HE has in fact created the path for you.  A new path.  Joyce Meyer this week was talking one morning about how you need to be praying blessings over things even when the they seem stagnant…because you need to be reminded that while it may seem like a situation or person isn’t changing, part of your prayer is reminding yourself that God does have it in the works, and to remind God that you do trust Him even when it seems like nothing is happening.

It is true, where God guides, He in fact does provide…even if it is just the next step into the wilderness or the resources to chop down the trees in your way on the path.

I am so excited about the new thing He is doing in my life, and in the ministry He has blessed me with,…and I can’t wait to see what He does!


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