A Life Worth Raving About

One of the best and worst parts about moving to a new city is making new friends.  On the one hand, people kind of get stuck in their own old comfortable friend groups,…especially if they grew up together.  So it can be hard to break through that tie to join in to a friend group.  On the other hand, sometimes you meet really cool different people…and you also meet people that you become fast friends with almost instantly!

Well, I must say, that since I have moved here, I have made one of those “fast friends.”  I met this girl named Becca Daniel.  She, her husband and young daughter had all just moved here from my hometown, Nashville, TN.  As we were talking, she told me about a ministry she and a group of girls started called Rave Ministries.  When she said that name, I suddenly was able to recall certain people to mind from Nashville who I thought were some how connected to that ministry.  I started asking if she knew any of the people, and low and behold she did!  Not only did she know those people, but she knew them well just like I do!  Becca actually grew up in the same denomination that I grew up in, her husband taught school for several students that used to be in the ministry I interned for, and she not only knew some of those kids, but she had some of them on her Rave leadership team!  What a small world.

As I have gotten to know Becca and her family, it has become obvious to both of us really, that it is not by accident that we met and are in fact in the same church in the panhandle.  It was a divine appointment in my opinion.  She has been a great friend and encourager to start out my journey in the state of Florida.  It is always good to have a friend to laugh with, cry with, pray with, as well as dream up plans to impact the next generation in faith with…what a blessing you have been!

We both have similar hearts for students and to see students not only know the Lord, but live out their faith and change the world!  We are even planning to partner together on some things for the future in girls ministry… In the meantime, I am excited to say that she is going to be speaking at our new youth worship service this Sunday, called Vibe.

The whole theory of this ministry called Rave is “encouraging 7b94dd14c8e6700edda829bba18101a3girls to live a life worth raving about.”  They started a campaign called No Makeup November that actually went global and encouraged girls to take a fast from wearing make up for the month of November to remind themselves as well as others that beauty is more than skin deep and there is in fact no flaw in you according to God’s mirror.  What a beautiful thing to rave about to our guys and girls so engulfed in selfies and their own image.  I may just have to jump on that band wagon next year! Never thought I would say that!

If you have never heard of Rave Ministries, make sure and click on my link to her page and check it out…After all, encouraging people to live a life worth raving about is something I can definitely get behind! Isn’t that really what we are all called to do??


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