The bigger the hair…

It was the summer before my senior year in high school.  I had just gotten home from church camp.  It was just a couple days after, and we all still had that same old spiritual high that you get after spending every night in the woods overlooking the lake at Camp Highlake.  I was at the church literally every time the doors opened.  There was a group of us (part of the groupies of the youth group) who wanted to hang out.  We wanted to be together constantly after the camp experience.

I had let my hair grow out and was cruising in little tink tink (myc0c87dc49b3d607287a1016dd9bff181 Honda civic) over to get my hair chopped off (something I have learned over time that I do when I am ready for a big change).  As I zoomed into the parking space at the new salon I was trying out, our intern called me and the rest of our group,…yes, I repeat called all of us (facebook, twitter, insta, texting didn’t exist…let that one soak in for a min).  He said, dress up as someone you have always wanted to be like and show up at such and such address for a night of fun.  I was game, because, why not?  Making a fool of yourself with a bunch of people can be fun, right?  Now who was I going to be??

As I walked into a department store in the mall, I decided to just start thumbing through some racks of clothes… and low and behold…there it was…a beautiful pink twead pencil skirt and matching jacket.  I had it!  I could dress up like Jackie Kennedy! I happened to have a white pill box hat at home that was my grandmothers… it was perfect!  I also was headed to get my hair chopped.  Perfect timing.  I purchased the outfit and then headed to the salon.

I had randomly called this place because I was in desperate need of a hair cut, and I didn’t like the previous place I went.  They called the hair dresser over, and here walks up a shorter woman with neon red short and spikey hair.  I remember thinking to myself, “oooh…ok this could be interesting.”  She sat me down in the chair and listened intently as I described what I wanted.

I chatted about my night ahead of me and the cute boy who would be there, my love for Jackie Kennedy, my love for God, and she listened.  She cut my hair perfectly, and to top it off…as she started blowing it dry, she asked, “why don’t I flip it out like Jackie??”

I am sure she thought...who is this crazy girl?

Before I left, she started to hair spray my hair, and I asked if she had any “poof and tamer.”  She just cracked up laughing because she had never heard of that.  I explained that it was something you put in your hair to poof it up but it could also tame fly aways.  I had coined a new phrase for me and her.

Again, I am sure she thought I was a unique girl.

From that day on began a new friendship.  Her name was Kim. My mom soon began going to see her to get her hair done too. For 11 years she has blessed both of us.

She was there when I had no friends my senior year because I was friends with all upperclassmen and they graduated.  She was there as I talked through my process of elimination of colleges.  She was there when I finally nailed down the decision to go to ACU.  She was there when I began talking to my dad again after a couple year hiatus.  She was there to fix my hair for prom.  She was there to hear the story of how my date at prom drove his convertible with the top down and ruined my hair.  She was there giving me my last trim before leaving for Texas.  She was there when I came home a week early for thanksgiving because I was homesick.  She was there to hear about the shenanigans of my family in college.  She heard about good boyfriends and very bad boyfriends.  She has seen me grow from that little girl who just simply loved church camp to a person who has a ministry and makes church camps.  She was tickled when she found out that hair actually had something to do with my blog.

She has taken care of me and my mom.  I honestly have thought multiple times over the past four years that I should just go back to her in Nashville when I go home because nobody else has seemed to get it right for a while.

When I left her chair, I always felt taken care of, loved, and 9fe92dc9906289968fa3f0a8dc430859heard.  Kim in many ways has reflected Jesus to me and my mom.  She has told us it was ok to be upset,  ok to make changes,…to life and our hair, encouraged us to do better, and kept our hair looking good while doing it.  I have always said that if you want to know something about me…go to my hair dresser. They get to see you when you look and feel your worst like a pound puppy with wet hair and when you look and feel your best just having put poof and tamer on your hair ready to conquer the issues you face.  She makes me think…that truely the bigger the hair the closer you are to God?

I have been sad today.  Our sweet friend, Kim, passed away.

This is for the ones who encourage us to have big hair and big faith.  I am so very thankful for the Kim’s in my life.  She was a blessing…and she did change my life!  The way you live matters.


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