Last weekend, I had the priveledge of taking our seniors, college students, and young adults to Passion Conference.  I have heard wonderful things about Passion, but never been before.  Basically, it is a conference held in Atlanta, Georgia that is put on by Passion City Church where Louie & Shelley Giglio and Chris Tomlin are the leadership…what a team, right?  Anyway, they have a passion for the next generation and have been putting on this conference for over a decade now.  It is a time where they pour into people ages 18-25 by bringing in stellar speakers, worship leaders that unveil their new songs first to this group, and take some time to minister to the next generation of leaders.  Well, in all reality this IS the group leading us right now.  I mean when you are in 5th grade you just want to be cool and in that age group.  When you are my age (27), I hear people talk about some of the best times being from that time period.  Much of what our world does is influenced by that particular peer group.  So, why not start pouring into it with leadership, direction, and encouraging them in their faith?! I can get behind that.

It was a wonderful trip for me.  It was great in that I got to know our group better.  Some of our college students I haven’t gotten to spend much time with since; I came on board after they had all left for school.  Also, some of the adults on the trip, it was good to connect with them and hear about their heart for our students and the next generation.

our group

our group

I also got to have coffee and catch up with a couple girls from Trinity who were at the conference and staying in the same hotel as me.  Loved being able to hear what the Lord is doing in their life!  The company was great, discussions were fruitful and in depth, the speakers caused us to feel challenged as well as gave us opportunity to probe, dive back into the word and defend what we do believe.

We had group time one night, and it was good to get insight into what had impacted our group as a whole and individually.  I am happy to hear that the conference is going to be an extra day next year, and they will be adding back the small group aspect.  People underestimate just how important it is to have time to process through some of the talks and worship experiences in a group setting.  Our group was tight enough that we did with each other naturally, but I could see how other groups might would just consume the messages and not necessarily process what they had consumed.

There was a common theme that ran among the speakers about our eyes being unveiled to what God is doing, so see clearly what the gospel exactly is, and just the over all thought of new vision and a veil being lifted…good stuff.  Also, I was just a little flustered when the opening started with my theme verse for the year from Isaiah 43:19 about God doing a new thing… which I wrote about just a couple weeks ago.  That same verse popped up in just about every single talk… I obviously needed to get that.  Don’t you just love those God winks?

True to my typical form for conferences… here are my notes from the weekend.  Some of the phrases are just nuggets for me…but maybe you can make something out of them yourself. Enjoy! 🙂

Session 1: Louie Giglio

Isaiah 6:1-8


1- The brightness of His glory

2- Grace & mercy of God

Angels created purpose is to say 2 phrases over and over again, and they never feel shortchanged.

Becomes Clear:

1- Not just “the cross” but “your cross.”  There is only one victim in the gospel story, and it is Jesus.  WE are the perpetrators.

2- God wasn’t a passive bystander.  He was the instigator and joy.  Jesus signed the dotted line and agreed to do it.

3- God’s wrath fell on Jesus Christ,  and it obliterated our curse.  Jesus wasn’t thinking “self protection.” Jesus was thinking “you protection.”

Session 2: Worship by Hillsong…need I say more?

Session 3: Francis Chan

2 Peter 1:1-3

We have equal standing with God.

We are gifted differently but you can have ALL things because HE gives us what we need.

Ezekiel 36:25-31- renewal

Ezekiel 37:1-10- dry bones & new life

2 Corinthians 4:17- affliction produces glory in Him

2 Kings 6:20- The LORD opened their eyes.

Session 4: Christine Caine

1 Samuel 16:1-14

Prominent things aren’t always the significant things.

Ephesians 2:10

This is not a dress rehearsal.

Sometimes we miss the NEW thing because we are looking for the NEXT thing LIKE  the last thing.  When in reality, God is wanting to do a NEW thing. Isaiah 43:19.

When it comes to the new thing, wrestle with the Holy Spirit and don’t be lazy with it.

When you have been marked by God, you don’t have to be marketed by man.

Session 5: John Piper

Sovereignty of God (inadequate) + cross (inadequate) = obliteration of inadequacy (together is a radical revelation of the cross)

What the Cross Makes Happen:

1- Cross makes God reveal His righteousness

2- Cross reveals God’s mercy

3- Cross reveals the all embracing-ness of God

Romans 3:25- Christ is a wrath remover.  How? By His blood.  Christ is also a shield.

Sin- you preferring anything more than the glory of God.

Romans 8:28-32- spare son

Acts 4:27 & 28

–I stopped taking notes here because I didn’t agree with the theology at this point.

Session 6: Louie Giglio

If your need is bigger than Jesus then HE can’t meet that need.

God makes all things new.

You can’t let the enemy sell you your story.  God writes your story.

If we leave here unchanged, then God will be less glorified.

When there’s nothing left of me…let it be Jesus.

Isaiah 6:8- Crushed by grace but then sent by mercy.  When mercy is extended it should be a no brainer decision.

1 Peter 2:9- There is nothing between you and God- no mediator needed.


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