Full, Undivided Attention

Yesterday swirled around me.  Literally, starting the day spilling an entire cup of coffee down my silk blouse sent me swirling to the bathroom to clean up before my morning meetings.

The feel of yesterday was just really fast paced and “swirly.”  Everyone scurrying here and there. As I tried to edit small group material for Sunday night, I had one interruption after another…I still only have one of the two small group materials done. I guess that will be first on my list this morning. Anyway, I eventually gave in to the hectic pace of getting things done and going from thing to thing.

I finally went home thinking I would spend some time in the word and get some peace.  I opened my Bible with pen and paper in hand…and then fell asleep. Womp womp.

So naturally, the Lord had me up at 4am.  I find it kind of funny that the weeks that are the most hectic and busy, the Lord chooses those to be the ones where I am woken up extremely early to get a word and soak up His presence.  I think I need sleep…but what I really need is Him.  He does after all give me exactly what I need.

So there I was…As I spent time in ipad worship, prayer, writing, and diving into the word… I felt the knowing, all embracing comfort of the Lord rest upon me.  Oh what a good thing that is. Not anything like it.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and begins the season of Lent.  I was reminded again this morning, that from ashes I came, and to ashes I return.  I am nothing with out Him.

As I begin this season of fasting and taking on new commitments to the Lord, I am reminded of just how much I need Him.  He is my breath. He is my life. He is my counselor.  He is my comforter.  He is my healer.  He is my provider, and He is my peace. For such a time as this… We are to refocus. We are to reposition ourselves as His servants. We are to submit our desires and wants of the flesh in exchange for His desires and presence.

While I may feel like I need a nap right now (at 8am), I am reminded that His timing is perfect.  Sometimes, He just has to get me up early in order to have my full, undivided attention. For such a time as this should we re-devote ourselves to giving Him our full undivided attention.

What is it in this season of Lent that He is asking you to give up in order for your attention on Him to be full and undivided?

How do you answer the phrase: For such a time as this, I should …….. in order to refocus on God.

If you don’t know… get alone with God. Ask Him to wake you up!  This is a great time to refocus yourself and rededicate yourself to spiritual disciplines or even just reminding yourself that you are not in fact God but He is.  After all, all He really wants is our full, undivided attention.


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